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 Naples Gun School - 5 stars I attended the gun safety and concealed weapon class on 8/17/19. As a middle aged young woman, who had never shot a gun, I was very pleasantly surprised. I learned so much and cannot get over how patient David is. I highly recommend Naples Gun Shop and School. - Vicki Larson Butler

Naples Gun School - 5 stars Great people and very knowledgeable! - Cory Pierson

Naples Gun School - 5 stars I attended the Naples Gun Shop School today, Saturday 08/17/19, Dave is an excellent educator and was most informative on all the basic skills and techniques to safely use a firearm, I thoroughly recommend anyone considering obtaining a CWP to head on down to the Naples Gun Shop & School, I also purchased my firearm there and Dave was most informative on all weapon types, friendly professional service from sale to education, I,ll be back for any firearm related needs 👍 - Rodney Owen

 Naples Gun School - 5 stars - Candace Fussell

 Naples Gun School - 5 starsAwesome Shop, Fast and Informative. Came for one, left with two. - Q and Me

 Naples Gun School - 5 stars I am very pleased with the class that I took at Naples Gun Shop for my concealed weapon license. I feel that every aspect regarding responsible gun handling was covered. All equipment that was needed to qualify was provided including forms for licensure. David and his wife were wonderful and I would recommend this class and the store for shopping. - Diana Bognanno Caron

Attended Concealed Carry and Gun Safety Class that was extremely informative and a great learning environment provided by Lockdown Dave and Ginny. Extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of gun management. Their shop has a great gun and accessory selection too!. -Lulu Melanie April Pitts

Naples Gun School - 5 starsI attended the concealed weapons licenses class. Instructor was knowledgeable and made the class interesting. I definitely recommend Naples Gun Shop. Satisfied with my experience. - Melisa Alvaranga

Naples Gun School - 5 stars  Great place, very helpful and fast, took time to answer questions and investigate issues with statutes NO PROBLEM!!! Will be receiving my business from here out!!! -  Wes Brewer

David and Ginny Rich are wonderful people all around and their class is awesome. My husband and I have each completed the class at separate times and both agree that the information and direction provided was incredibly informative. David has a wealth of knowledge backed by years of experience. We would both highly recommend Naples Gun School to anyone who is looking to obtain their concealed weapons license or anyone interested in purchasing guns and gun-related accessories. Amanda Duncan

I am an defensive and driving safety instructor , I attended a concealed weapons course march 16th 2019 given b y Dave, DAVE covered every thing and questions any one had at the class, Above all he was very patient with the students, I would recommend this class to every one. James Dougherty 

  Naples Gun School - 5 stars Great class, covered all the fundamentals a new shooter should know. Dave is a great instructor and if you're looking to get your concealed carry permit down here in Naples the Naples Gun Shop & School is the place to go! Gabe Kerchner

Naples Gun School - 5 stars A. K. Fox

Naples Gun School - 5 stars Mathew Hayes

Dave is extremely thorough & helpful with gun laws & Safety. A must for anyone before putting a weapon in your hands. I have not handled a weapon in a few years and Dave made me feel very comfortable with his extensive knowledge,support & patience. I would definitely recommend this class. Thanks Dave & Ginny For A Great Day! Carmine D’Ambra

Naples Gun School - 5 stars I am an attorney from New York and currently residing in Florida. I have no experience with guns and never thought of owning one. Nevertheless, I wanted to understand gun culture and gun issues in Florida especially now that I am a permanent Florida resident. David Rich's class was extremely informative and David clearly demonstrated not only his knowledge of guns and gun safety but more importantly for me, he provided the legal framework and ramifications and responsibilities of gun use and ownership. Overall, the class was thoroughly worthwhile and enjoyable. Dean Fong