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Bianca and I really enjoyed the CWP training.  The class was professional and informative and we especially appreciated the user friendly atmosphere.  I highly recommend this training for anyone wishing to learn basic pistol marksmanship and gain confidence with handling firearms, Thanks again! - Col & Bianca


5 star I attended the class on Saturday, June 10th. It was a wonderful experience. David was extremely knowledgeable, professional and thorough. The hands on experience in the class was exceptional. I had taken a class several years ago and it was no where as complete and informative as the class here at the Naples Gun Shop & School. The class was attended by both novices and experienced students and it was evident that everyone benefitted greatly! I would highly recommend this class. David approaches the class with seriousness interjected with a great sense of humor! Really glad I attended, thank you! - Diane McNabb

5 star Great people , makes it simple and fun . Time flies , really learn about life experiences . Would recommend to anyone -Tay Sanders


5 star My wife and I received gift certificates for the Naples Gun School Conceal Carry Certificate. Dave, the instructor, and his wife conducted a well organized and informative 6 hour class. Very informative and well presented, worth the time spent. Dave encouraged the timid and groomed the experienced. Highly recommend. - Rhys Reese


5 star The best class I have ever taken!! Fun, yet serious, learned a lot! I would highly recommend this class to everyone! -

Lisa Buerkle-Faciane


Appreciate the time and class today. Very good, much better than the class Karen and I took for our WI CCP. - James Schneller


 We loved our class on 2/25. Couple of hours in the classroom, but, you'd never know it !!!! Range time was good, more is better. Highly recommend for anyone looking for an introduction to handgun use. Thanks, Dave & Ginny !!!!!! Patti & Annie, on Bobby's FB account - Bob McLoughlin


5 star I used Naples Gun School as a FFL for my recent gun purchase and it worked out great...Dave is very knowledgeable and totally professional, made it a breeze to receive my gun. -Ed E


5 star The concealed weapons course was very informative and professional. The instructor was very patient, especially with the hands on portions of the class with those of us who had never held a gun. I definitely recommend their classes. - Nancy Trujillo Denny


I took the [CWP] class today with my wife. Been around guns and still learned something. Very informative and enjoyable. My wife enjoyed it. Thanks - Peter Nels Fredrickson


David, I did enjoy your class today. It was well organized, smooth flow, good stories, and I learned a lot. I would highly recommend anyone interested in conceal carry to take your class. Regards,Tim Green   PS. I’ll let you know when I am ready to purchase my next gun, I shot the Glock 43, now I want to try several others.


5 star Just took the class today. David and his wife are wonderful, and as such the class was serious, yet totally enjoyable. A lot of information, a lot to learn, but for me, a first-time gun user, imperative and a class that gave me a sense of confidence in handling a gun. We had one-on-one with David at the range as well. Truly his is the class to take, whether for someone who has handled guns previously or not! - Rhonda Singer


The classroom portion of the concealed weapons class was very informative. The instructors were knowledgeable and kept the pace moving. The range portion was great and I was very comfortable with the instruction. My husband will be attending in February. - Janice Shewan


5 star  Best place to take your CWP class, friendly, he aswer all your question but most important he teach real life experience, curse take around 6 hours but you don't even notice it, I really recommend this place to any one that wants to get the Concealed Weapon Permit. - Osmani Paz


 5 star My husband and I took this course which was very well presented in a professional manner. The time passed very quickly but we were never bored. Dave took the time to make sure each class member had an opportunity to work with different guns loading, locking, unloading, clearing jams, etc. Well worth the money. After class we went to a firing range to practice our skills. I hit the target all five times! We would recommend this course without reservation. BTW we did check out the other CCW classes offered in the area and thought this was the most thorough and reasonable priced. I will say the police department offers instruction for free but it takes two days to complete and about 3 more hours. - Patti Boesche


5 star Really enjoyed my experience. Before this class I had never even touched a gun before. Dave Rich and his wife are amazing!! The class was so informative and interesting the time just flew by! My husband and I took the class together and plan on going to the Alamo Gun Range often to practice, it's something we can do together. I would highly recommend this class!! - Lisa Wright


WOW, we had the C/C class yesterday. Four hours of sitting on uncomfortable chairs! It seemed like 30 minutes. David was fast paced, fun, informative and enjoyable. - Dave Boesche


I highly recommend the CWC with David Rich. I have to admit I was not looking forward to the class due to the amount of hours but David Rich was extremely knowledgeable, professional and made the class exciting and fun. -Tina Martin


My Lady & I took the Concealed Carry class Oct 29th in Naples. I have to say I expected the class to be long and somewhat boring.  We were both pleasantly surprised when Mr. Rich presented a very informative, thorough, & interesting class. He was organized, to the point, and patient in explanation. We had folks with years of experience along with some who've never pulled a trigger - all were treated with respect.  I highly recommend Naples Gun School as your “go to” for this important training.  Mike Hervey


 Completed a professional, practical and enjoyable class in preparation for my Florida CWP application. The greatest benefit was the hands on weapons instruction and target range practice. - Lanny Myska


David, I did enjoy your class. I had been looking at taking a CWP class for over a year and have looked at several different web sites trying to decide which one to choose. After reading your history and qualification, I decided on Naples Gun School. It was the right decision. Your class was very informative and not boring. I've been around guns all my life but I still learned some things to help me be a better shooter. The range experience was top notch. Thanks! Ricky Livengood


This class was Amazing, packed with so much information. Thought the class would have put me to sleep, and I was wrong. The Instructor was engaged and had a voice that kept your attention. I give him props he was injured and still keep the class fun and educational. Just want to say thank you, for anyone looking for a great class it's here at Naples Gun School. - Jean Meroni


David provided not only the technical information that I needed to understand the safe use of a handgun, but effectively impressed on us the awesome responsibility to which we were committing.   His instruction on how to shot with accuracy and consistency were easy to follow and real world applicable. Thank you.  ~ Michael Boyer

5 star I enjoyed this class. It was very imformative and I learned alot! He knew alot of facts and they were very welcoming.  Rasi Mowicz

I just took this class Saturday  8/6/16, excellent course on the subject of CWP. The Instructor, David Rich was great, very professional in his demeanor. I definitely recommend him to anyone who is considering to take this class. No disappointments here!! Very Knowledgeable a full Pro!!!! - Anthony Mortellaro 

I just moved from NY to Naples and was eager to take a firearm instruction, concealed carry and safety class. My main goal was ro find someone professional, experienced and patient. After visiting many gun ranges in Naples and as far out as Ft Meyers my husband called Naples Gun School and spoke to Dave. After speaking to him and being so impressed we signed up on line for the class and also took a ride over to meet him. After an informitive conversation about his impressive, extensive background in law enforcement, firearms and training I knew this was the instructor I was searching for, I felt completely comfortable. 

Meeting his wife Ginny this morning was a pleasure, as a woman I was highly impressed with her expertise and experience with firearms, at this point I felt relaxed and confident in my choice and became excited about learning about firearms and safety.

The instruction from Dave was so interesting and thorough, while most technical  instruction in any subject can seem dry, Dave's class was filled with humorous stories and scenarios, the entire group laughed and he made everyone feel so welcome, like we were all friends.  He made it so easy for me to understand something I knew nothing about, from the differences in firearms to handling, loading and unloading the weapon to safety and local laws and so much more.

Going to the gun range with Dave, Ginny and the group was an empowering  experience for me, as each one from the group was finished with Dave, they returned to the main area with their paper target in hand and huge smiles, we all cheered for them. As I was one of the last to go, I enjoyed watching everyone shoot before me and watching Dave instruct each student differently according to their needs, truly impressive! I was proud of people I had just met as well as being proud of myself. We highly recommend taking this class with Dave and Ginny, they are truly a one of a kind duo.   Whether you're experienced, as my husband was or a beginner like myself, you will be happy you signed up for this class with them, Enjoy! Laura and Gary Cress


5 star Very informative class with hands-on instructions on the proper handling of various types of hand guns. David Rich's experience in law enforce was illuminating as well as entertaining when relating various aspects of gun ownership as well as the responsibilities said ownership carries with it. I recommend this glass for anyone interested in their rights, and the responsibilities that come with ownership of a hand gun. - Patrick Daly

5 starThe training class was excellent! David Rich is a professional who brings his experince to the classsroom. He presented a comprehensive course on gun safety and covered all the required responsibilities for owning and carry a weapon. He cites actual life experiences and he made the training exciting and interesting. I especially credit David for his patience in answering all questions posed by the students. I highly recommend this training. Jim M

The instructor (Dave Rich) is highly qualified, professional and kept the class interesting as the three hours just flew by. I am really glad I took the class and I would definitely recommend Naples Gun School! - Mercedes Benitez



5 star Great experience, very informative. Questions were answered thoroughly and laws explained clearly. Lower price for a better education. - Jessica Cox

I have taken a Concealed Carry class in another state and your class was by far the best of the two classes. Very informative, but also very much a common sense class. I liked the small class size and felt everyone was comfortable asking questions and really learning the material. Well Done!”- Kurt Weber

Great experience with the CW class, informative and enjoyable, great job all the way around. Good people doing a great service to the SW Florida area. Thanks again for a great experience and a very informative and educational experience. The range work was quite beneficial and I bought my new SW40 from your site and the price was excellent. Keep up the great work, and thanks again.- Michael Towns

5 star Really enjoyed the concealed weapons class with Dave Rich. He is very knowledgeable and accommodating to newbies!!!! The 4 hrs went by so fast!!! That means it was very interesting and informative. It is also a very relaxed atmosphere and made me feel very comfortable. Thank you so much to Dave and his wife!! This was a great class! !- Debbie Pelletier


5 star Amazing time! Class was very fun & insightful. Worth every single penny & more. - Stephen Arango


I had my concealed carry permit before taking David’s Basic Handgun Safety course, but felt that a review might be beneficial.  I got way more than I bargained for including techniques that I’d either forgotten or never learned.  I expected David to be knowledgeable, but probably not a teacher – turns out that he is both.  He covered a lot of information and kept it interesting all the way.  He also did a great job of mixing in “hands on” training that clarified many safety techniques that I thought I knew until I tried to do them with David’s guidance. 

My wife took the course with me and is applying for her conceal carry permit.  She gained both a general awareness of how to handle a handgun and specific techniques.  Clearly she needs more experience to make these techniques “automatic”, but she’s got the basic knowledge to build on.  I highly recommend David’s course. Bill Bowen


Thank you and Ginny for doing such a great job today. Phillip and I really enjoyed the class. You have real world knowledge and experience that you apply that to your teaching techniques which really makes a difference. You kept us engaged the entire time and made it enjoyable. Thank you again, Kelly Nelson

Thanks for a great class! My husband and I really enjoyed today, you and your wife are very knowledgeable and make it a lot of fun to learn! I think I found myself a new hobbie :) - Laci and Benjamin Sevlie


Naples Gun School Gun Class thumbs up +5 CCW Spencer Ash

Naples Gun School Gun Class thumbs up +5 CCW 5 star - Laci Sevlie


David, I have been around guns all my life. Your knowledge and patience are outstanding! It is comforting to know individuals such as yourself are out there teaching the 'right' way to handle a firearm. Safely, responsibly, and comfortably. ~ Pam Maas


I highly recommended Naples Gun school, great experience, extremely informative instructions on the safety & handling of basic hand guns. Thank You Naples Gun school ~ Terry Small

 David is a very good instructor he is very tentative to every question. Very fairly priced and we'll worth the money. I have been shooting for nearly 20 years and still learned a lot. ~ Tyler Mathew


 I took the class last Saturday. It was the best class I have taken in my 40+ years of training with firearms. ~

James Sims


 I attended the class last Saturday it was great experience. Dave was a great instructor and very informative!! ~

Sue Chancy

This class was very detailed and informative..not a "Gun Show, give your money and here's your certificate thing." Safety was stressed, and I took away more gun knowledge than I ever expected from the class.~ Thomas Herzer  


I'm impressed with the the amount of safety instruction provided. ~ Lexi V, Shirley S, Paul S, James S

Thanks for a great experience and the building blocks to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!! Being able to carry is not trying to be Billy or Betty BadAss, but being prepared in a situation that we hope we never have to encounter. Unfortunately, there are times when the world is ugly, and these skills can save you and your families' lives. Thanks for the patience and encouragement - Margo M. Fuoco

I have been shooting for years but this is kinda like the motorcycle riding corse you can take. Even if you have been doing it for a long time you will for sure still learn something. Especially about the laws. -Luke Reed

It's awesome how much material these courses cover. I highly recommend it to everyone! - Konni Marie Stearns


Dave was very professional. It was a interesting class and we got a surprise in how well we did on at the shooting range, this could only happen after Dave's great tips on how to hit the target. I feel we all have a better understanding in the safety and the function of a firearm. ~ Barbara Funk

I felt guilty that for less than a hundred bucks I got that much hands on training. I walked away today a smarter and better marksman and it feels good! Big thanks to Dave Rich & Naples Gun School - Brandan James

5 Star rating Fantastic school. Instructor extremely thorough and helpful. Kept the class going great and not one boring moment. Wife and I had a great time and learned so much - Rob Grim Gale


Great Class! It's been years since I have handled a weapon and this class was concise and informative. I would recommend it for anyone interested in getting their concealed carry permit. - Jocelyn T .

This place is truly professional , the experience is way more than expected. Dave takes an absolute novice and makes you understand and feel the reality of handling a weapon comfortably for the first time . If anyone is thinking of making this choice , Naples gun school is a must.- Leo August 


Just wanted to give you some positive feedback from today's class. My father and I both enjoyed the course and I'm not just saying that to shine you on. We both felt every topic you talked about was interesting, informative, and thorough. The time really did race by. What I really felt was helpful was when the class got to hold the unloaded pistols to get the feel of what it's like to load, unload, eject a magazine etc. and to see each process several times by watching others do it. I feel the same when it came to the live shooting portion.  - Greg A.


Awesome class and very knowledgeable instructor. Will recommend to all! - Pablo Cabrera

5 Star ratin - I highly recommende d Naples Gun school, great experience , extremely informativ e instructio ns on the safety & handling of basic hand guns. Had a wonderful mother son shooting day Thank You Naples Gun school - Debra McNabb via Facebook


Your obvious knowledge and ability to break it down for me as a relative newcomer to guns was appreciated. ~ Jack Zeliff

As this was my first exposure to any gun, I found David, concise, informative, and answered all and any questions. He took his time and NEVER Rushed us. I highly recommend Naples Gun School. Great class; I loved the private & personal instruction. ~ Karen Wasko

We had a great time in your class.  Fantastic instruction and great interaction.  Thanks so much. ~ Paul Heier

Thanks Dave, it was a really good class. ~ Adam Moorhead

5 star I found David to be a great instructor and would recommend Naples Gun School to anyone who wants to get their CCW. ~  Mark Christ


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"5 Stars" ~ 5 star Brenda Sue via Facebook

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