Serializing Service

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Do 80% Lowers/Frames and Privately Made Firearms Need a Serial Number?

YES. With the ATF's new 2021r-05f rule, all transferring 80% lowers/frames (some known as "P80"s) must be serialized prior to transfer, AND all 80% lowers/frames must now undergo a federal background check (via ATF Form 4473) when transferred at your local FFL/Gun Shop.

If you have a Privately Made Firearm ("PMF") and wish to sell it, you must now also have it serialized. We offer this service as well.

Naples Gun Shop P80 80% Lowers Frames Serial NumbersTo help with this, Naples Gun Shop offers a service to serialize (i.e. add a legal serial number) to all items legally requiring it. This service is offered with our KwikMark KM-64 Dot Peen Marking Machine. After August 24, 2022, all unserialized lowers/frames/receivers/firearms legally requiring a serial number, can be serialized at our location, for an additional fee.

A full summary of ATF Rule 2021r-05f that goes into effect 08/24/2022 may be found HERE.