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 David is a very good instructor he is very tentative to every question. Very fairly priced and we'll worth the money. I have been shooting for nearly 20 years and still learned a lot. ~ Tyler Mathew


 I took the class last Saturday. It was the best class I have taken in my 40+ years of training with firearms. ~

James Sims


 I attended the class last Saturday it was great experience. Dave was a great instructor and very informative!! ~

Sue Chancy

This class was very detailed and informative..not a "Gun Show, give your money and here's your certificate thing." Safety was stressed, and I took away more gun knowledge than I ever expected from the class.~ Thomas Herzer  


I'm impressed with the the amount of safety instruction provided. ~ Lexi V, Shirley S, Paul S, James S

Thanks for a great experience and the building blocks to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!! Being able to carry is not trying to be Billy or Betty BadAss, but being prepared in a situation that we hope we never have to encounter. Unfortunately, there are times when the world is ugly, and these skills can save you and your families' lives. Thanks for the patience and encouragement - Margo M. Fuoco

I have been shooting for years but this is kinda like the motorcycle riding corse you can take. Even if you have been doing it for a long time you will for sure still learn something. Especially about the laws. -Luke Reed

It's awesome how much material these courses cover. I highly recommend it to everyone! - Konni Marie Stearns


Dave was very professional. It was a interesting class and we got a surprise in how well we did on at the shooting range, this could only happen after Dave's great tips on how to hit the target. I feel we all have a better understanding in the safety and the function of a firearm. ~ Barbara Funk

I felt guilty that for less than a hundred bucks I got that much hands on training. I walked away today a smarter and better marksman and it feels good! Big thanks to Dave Rich & Naples Gun School - Brandan James

5 Star rating Fantastic school. Instructor extremely thorough and helpful. Kept the class going great and not one boring moment. Wife and I had a great time and learned so much - Rob Grim Gale


Great Class! It's been years since I have handled a weapon and this class was concise and informative. I would recommend it for anyone interested in getting their concealed carry permit. - Jocelyn T .

This place is truly professional , the experience is way more than expected. Dave takes an absolute novice and makes you understand and feel the reality of handling a weapon comfortably for the first time . If anyone is thinking of making this choice , Naples gun school is a must.- Leo August 


Just wanted to give you some positive feedback from today's class. My father and I both enjoyed the course and I'm not just saying that to shine you on. We both felt every topic you talked about was interesting, informative, and thorough. The time really did race by. What I really felt was helpful was when the class got to hold the unloaded pistols to get the feel of what it's like to load, unload, eject a magazine etc. and to see each process several times by watching others do it. I feel the same when it came to the live shooting portion.  - Greg A.


Awesome class and very knowledgeable instructor. Will recommend to all! - Pablo Cabrera

5 Star ratin - I highly recommende d Naples Gun school, great experience , extremely informativ e instructio ns on the safety & handling of basic hand guns. Had a wonderful mother son shooting day Thank You Naples Gun school - Debra McNabb via Facebook


Your obvious knowledge and ability to break it down for me as a relative newcomer to guns was appreciated. ~ Jack Zeliff

As this was my first exposure to any gun, I found David, concise, informative, and answered all and any questions. He took his time and NEVER Rushed us. I highly recommend Naples Gun School. Great class; I loved the private & personal instruction. ~ Karen Wasko

We had a great time in your class.  Fantastic instruction and great interaction.  Thanks so much. ~ Paul Heier

Thanks Dave, it was a really good class. ~ Adam Moorhead

5 star I found David to be a great instructor and would recommend Naples Gun School to anyone who wants to get their CCW. ~  Mark Christ

"5 Stars" ~ 5 star Vernell McKinney Toure via Facebook


"5 Stars" ~ 5 star Brenda Sue via Facebook