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5 star Really enjoyed the concealed weapons class with Dave Rich. He is very knowledgeable and accommodating to newbies!!!! The 4 hrs went by so fast!!! That means it was very interesting and informative. It is also a very relaxed atmosphere and made me feel very comfortable. Thank you so much to Dave and his wife!! This was a great class! !- Debbie Pelletier


5 star Amazing time! Class was very fun & insightful. Worth every single penny & more. - Stephen Arango


I had my concealed carry permit before taking David’s Basic Handgun Safety course, but felt that a review might be beneficial.  I got way more than I bargained for including techniques that I’d either forgotten or never learned.  I expected David to be knowledgeable, but probably not a teacher – turns out that he is both.  He covered a lot of information and kept it interesting all the way.  He also did a great job of mixing in “hands on” training that clarified many safety techniques that I thought I knew until I tried to do them with David’s guidance. 

My wife took the course with me and is applying for her conceal carry permit.  She gained both a general awareness of how to handle a handgun and specific techniques.  Clearly she needs more experience to make these techniques “automatic”, but she’s got the basic knowledge to build on.  I highly recommend David’s course. Bill Bowen


Thank you and Ginny for doing such a great job today. Phillip and I really enjoyed the class. You have real world knowledge and experience that you apply that to your teaching techniques which really makes a difference. You kept us engaged the entire time and made it enjoyable. Thank you again, Kelly Nelson

Thanks for a great class! My husband and I really enjoyed today, you and your wife are very knowledgeable and make it a lot of fun to learn! I think I found myself a new hobbie :) - Laci and Benjamin Sevlie


Naples Gun School Gun Class thumbs up +5 CCW Spencer Ash

Naples Gun School Gun Class thumbs up +5 CCW 5 star - Laci Sevlie


David, I have been around guns all my life. Your knowledge and patience are outstanding! It is comforting to know individuals such as yourself are out there teaching the 'right' way to handle a firearm. Safely, responsibly, and comfortably. ~ Pam Maas


I highly recommended Naples Gun school, great experience, extremely informative instructions on the safety & handling of basic hand guns. Thank You Naples Gun school ~ Terry Small