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David provided not only the technical information that I needed to understand the safe use of a handgun, but effectively impressed on us the awesome responsibility to which we were committing.   His instruction on how to shot with accuracy and consistency were easy to follow and real world applicable. Thank you.  ~ Michael Boyer

5 star I enjoyed this class. It was very imformative and I learned alot! He knew alot of facts and they were very welcoming.  Rasi Mowicz

I just took this class Saturday  8/6/16, excellent course on the subject of CWP. The Instructor, David Rich was great, very professional in his demeanor. I definitely recommend him to anyone who is considering to take this class. No disappointments here!! Very Knowledgeable a full Pro!!!! - Anthony Mortellaro 

I just moved from NY to Naples and was eager to take a firearm instruction, concealed carry and safety class. My main goal was ro find someone professional, experienced and patient. After visiting many gun ranges in Naples and as far out as Ft Meyers my husband called Naples Gun School and spoke to Dave. After speaking to him and being so impressed we signed up on line for the class and also took a ride over to meet him. After an informitive conversation about his impressive, extensive background in law enforcement, firearms and training I knew this was the instructor I was searching for, I felt completely comfortable. 

Meeting his wife Ginny this morning was a pleasure, as a woman I was highly impressed with her expertise and experience with firearms, at this point I felt relaxed and confident in my choice and became excited about learning about firearms and safety.

The instruction from Dave was so interesting and thorough, while most technical  instruction in any subject can seem dry, Dave's class was filled with humorous stories and scenarios, the entire group laughed and he made everyone feel so welcome, like we were all friends.  He made it so easy for me to understand something I knew nothing about, from the differences in firearms to handling, loading and unloading the weapon to safety and local laws and so much more.

Going to the gun range with Dave, Ginny and the group was an empowering  experience for me, as each one from the group was finished with Dave, they returned to the main area with their paper target in hand and huge smiles, we all cheered for them. As I was one of the last to go, I enjoyed watching everyone shoot before me and watching Dave instruct each student differently according to their needs, truly impressive! I was proud of people I had just met as well as being proud of myself. We highly recommend taking this class with Dave and Ginny, they are truly a one of a kind duo.   Whether you're experienced, as my husband was or a beginner like myself, you will be happy you signed up for this class with them, Enjoy! Laura and Gary Cress


5 star Very informative class with hands-on instructions on the proper handling of various types of hand guns. David Rich's experience in law enforce was illuminating as well as entertaining when relating various aspects of gun ownership as well as the responsibilities said ownership carries with it. I recommend this glass for anyone interested in their rights, and the responsibilities that come with ownership of a hand gun. - Patrick Daly

5 starThe training class was excellent! David Rich is a professional who brings his experince to the classsroom. He presented a comprehensive course on gun safety and covered all the required responsibilities for owning and carry a weapon. He cites actual life experiences and he made the training exciting and interesting. I especially credit David for his patience in answering all questions posed by the students. I highly recommend this training. Jim M

The instructor (Dave Rich) is highly qualified, professional and kept the class interesting as the three hours just flew by. I am really glad I took the class and I would definitely recommend Naples Gun School! - Mercedes Benitez



5 star Great experience, very informative. Questions were answered thoroughly and laws explained clearly. Lower price for a better education. - Jessica Cox

I have taken a Concealed Carry class in another state and your class was by far the best of the two classes. Very informative, but also very much a common sense class. I liked the small class size and felt everyone was comfortable asking questions and really learning the material. Well Done!”- Kurt Weber

Great experience with the CW class, informative and enjoyable, great job all the way around. Good people doing a great service to the SW Florida area. Thanks again for a great experience and a very informative and educational experience. The range work was quite beneficial and I bought my new SW40 from your site and the price was excellent. Keep up the great work, and thanks again.- Michael Towns