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Naples Gun Shop - Firearm & Class III sales, gun classes

Naples Gun Shop - Firearm & Class III sales, gun classes

Naples Gun Shop - Firearm & Class III sales, gun classes

Naples Gun Shop - Discounted NRA Memberships & US LawShield memberships



Facebook Recommends Great experience and service. Would highly recommend. Mario Montano

Naples Gun School - 5 stars First experience with Naples Gun Shop . The owner is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and expedient . The store is very clean , well maintained . All around a great experience. I will be back   Igor Stravinsky


Naples Gun School - 5 stars Naples gun shop and school This place is amazing, went in for the gun safety class Dave the owner of the shop he’s very knowledgeable at what he does also it was the first class the wife was teaching and she did great job. Very nice couple. Learn a lot. Stop by the shop you won’t be disappointed!!! M Potenza


Naples Gun School - 5 stars Great place to learn about fire arm safety and become certified! David and Ginny are awesome! Would highly recommend! Massie Taveras

Naples Gun School - 5 stars Excellent Gun Shop Steve Federmann

Naples Gun School - 5 stars  Bo Johnson

Facebook Recommends The instructor was excellent and very knowledgeable. The class was informative and well done, I enjoyed the way the instructor moved from topic to topic, never a dull moment. I learned quite a bit and walked away glad that I chose Naples Gun Shop for my class. Matthew Dobranski

Facebook Recommends Very well run class, excellent instructor. The time flew and I learned so much.Rich Peccia 

Facebook Recommends The class was very good. It was informal and questions and comments were welcomed. Some students had lots of experience with guns and others had never shot a gun. Students ranged in age from 21 to over 70. Dennis, the NRA certified instructor was very professional, serious in his teaching and relaxed in his method. He teaches the laws in the state of Florida and gives good guidance. He teaches how to load, unload and shoot a gun properly. I highly recommend the class for all levels of experience. You will learn something even if you’ve had experience with guns. Peggy McGraw

  Thank you for the information! Gloria Cahill

Naples Gun School - 5 stars Excellent gun safety class. Dennis made the material and the class fun. He was very patient with the students that had never held a firearm previously. Highly recommend! Jeff Strang

Hi Dave, The class was great, I really enjoyed it, thank you for providing thise classes! 

Máté Dyékiss

Naples Gun School - 5 starsFrankly, the 4 hours went by quickly. Learned a lot. Instructor had a good sense of humor, which helped the time pass. South Florida Reporter

Naples Gun School - 5 stars I took the Basic Pistol/Concl.Lic Group Class at this location. The instructor made the class engaging and I learned quite a bit. I am not experienced with a gun but felt that the class provided me with the tools to better understand the laws as well as the handling of a weapon. I would recommend this class to beginners as well as those experienced. Everyone at the gun shop was great. Sonnia Spiegler

Naples Gun School - 5 stars  mike lynch

Naples Gun School - 5 stars Our NRA Licensed instructor, Dave Rich at Naples Gun Shop and School, did an excellent job explaining the process, methods and rules that must be understood to safely carry a concealed weapon. The information he provided is critical to carrying safely and responsibly. The class was complete, instructive and even entertaining. I highly recommend attending Dave's class if you are considering obtaining your CWP. Matt C

Naples Gun School - 5 stars I would recommend concealed carry course to anyone looking to take one,,all questions, concerns and instructions taken care of by an instructor that knows his business. Also recommend gun store ..sincere friendly service. gary allen

Naples Gun School - 5 stars Great Class! Highly Recommended! Instructor and the owner David, both were super helpful and supportive across the board. Thank you! Barrie Tremans


Facebook Recommends The class was very informative and the instructors Dennis and David are very knowledgeable on gun safety and training. The class was filled with both women and men. All of our questions were answered, and I learned so much about the laws in Florida on handling guns. Now I can feel confident when handling a gun. Theresa Jordan

Naples Gun School - 5 stars Great job and very informative. Wes

Naples Gun School - 5 stars My husband and I just finished the Basic Pistol/ CCW class. Dennis was an incredibly knowlegable instructor who included invaluable information for the novice gun owner. He also had a great sense of humor and an unusual amount of patience. I highly recommend taking this class even if you have no need for a CCW permit. Naples Gun Shop rocks. Thank you!! kate reese

Naples Gun School - 5 stars I took the class and it was very interesting I learned a lot of different things about the laws for the state of Fla. The instructor did a great job explaining the proper way to use a firearm . Ladies don’t feel intimidated it was a very friendly atmosphere . Great learning experience! linda miceli

Naples Gun School - 5 stars The class was very good. It was informal, a friendly atmosphere, questions were welcomed and the students varied from very experienced with guns to never having held a gun. Ages were from 21 to 69. Dennis, the NRA certified instructor was very professional, serious in his teaching and relaxed in his method. I heartily recommend the class for all levels of experience. Mark Schutz

Naples Gun School - 5 stars I just completed a very well organized, thorough class at the Naples Gun Shop. I highly recommend the class and tnstructor Dennis, he did an outstanding job and made the time go very quickly. J McKay

Naples Gun School - 5 stars Awesome awesome awesome gun one stop shop. Dennis did an awesome job with CWP Basic Safety class. He was very straightforward about information. He did a great job at keeping everyone engaged. And was EXTREMELY patient with some of the newbs. A lot more patience than I had just spectating. Very knowledgeable. David was also extremely knowledgeable and helpful. This is my first visit to any Naples gun shop and I have zero interest in visiting any others after this visit. Very happy with my visit. GREAT EXPERIENCE.Cassandra Stead

Naples Gun School - 5 stars Outstanding basic gun safety course at NGS, counts toward getting your CCW license. The emphasis is on gun safety and being a responsible owner. Dennis is a great instructor and lays out all the relevant facts. Highly recommended and a great value. Michael Springer

Naples Gun School - 5 stars Store is AWESOME! CCW school is informative and comprehensive and worth every penny. Guys who run the school and shop are fun too! Love the place! Joe Glotzbier


Naples Gun School - 5 stars After spending wasted money on a private lesson, we found Naples Gun School. Well worth the money....learned a lot, was fun and time went by fast. Thank you Dennis and Dave. Bessie Jarjoura


Naples Gun School - 5 stars The class was very well organized and informative. The level of knowledge of the participants varied, but the class was designed in such a way that no one was left behind. Dave, the instructor, was very accommodating and patient. I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to enhance their knowledge of weapons and the law. Safety was paramount throughout the instruction. Tony Brancato

Naples Gun School - 5 stars  Raymond Marot

Naples Gun School - 5 stars Great place to deal with Dave is very knowledgeable and gives great service to his customers Gary Cress

Facebook Recommends David is definitely my go to for everything guns. We also recently attended his CCW class. He and Ginny did a great job with the class it was very thorough and informative. They kept us engaged through the whole class and were always there to help with any questions anyone had. I highly recommend them! Andrew Moser

  Great experience going through Concealed Carry class ...Dave is a great teacher and keeps it interesting and provides pertinent applicable information. I’d recommend his hands on approach to an on line class format. Just my humble opinion. Lori Bolish

Naples Gun School - 5 stars Saturdays CWL group class was excellent, well organized, and interesting.The instructor really knows what to teach and how to teach it. Gary Kalman

Naples Gun School - 5 stars Very professional and responsive. Shipped a firearm I sold online and was prompt in getting me a tracking number and followed up on any inquiry. Great business owner. James

Naples Gun School - 5 stars Great class, very informative. Dave is a great instructor, very knowledgeable and professional. Would highly recommend. Minh Nguyen

Naples Gun School - 5 stars Dave and his wife provide an informative, and well presented class. You will learn and have fun. If it is your first time with guns or are well versed you will get what all you need need to apply for your CCW. It is more than a gun school they carry many firearms and ammo. They will get you anything you need. A+... Thank you Naples Gun Shop & School. branduner barney

Facebook Recommends Both the class and the store. They have knowledge and a passion for what they do. I love them. Passed my class today!

Katrina Fitzsimmons

The class today was great. Very educational! I highly recommend this class. Billy Lambert

Facebook Recommends Highly recommended. The four hour gun certification and safety course flew by and is a bargain any way you look at it. This team is dedicated, thorough, patient and extremely well informed. All questions about Florida gun laws are answered in extreme detail, and by the time you actually make it to the range to shoot, you’re already a confident expert. Thanks guys for making this certification process a well run and extremely enjoyable experience! -Ron Caspari

Facebook RecommendsCool place very professional -Jorge Caceres

Naples Gun School - 5 stars Great class! Whether this is your first introduction to to guns, or if you're already an enthusiast , you will pleased with what you will learn in this class. Dave’s presentation is informative, friendly and fun. Sign Up ! You will love it! - Sherry Patterson

Naples Gun School - 5 stars Very thorough and well put together. Would definitely recommend class and purchases to anyone.. - Ryan Hackert

Naples Gun School - 5 stars Had a great time and learned a lot at the concealed carry class. David answered every question I had. I Would recommend to anyone of my friends and family whether they are looking for a weapon, accessories, or a class to stop by here first and consult with them as they are very honest. -Sebastian Lopez

Naples Gun School - 5 stars Excellent course. I’ve been around guns all my life but learned a lot from this school.. -Steve McKibbon

Facebook Recommends Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Hands on training with a highly educated and experienced trainer. I highly recommend this school and this class is a must for all patriotic American citizens who wish to learn how to defend themselves and their families as well as exercise and defend their second amendment rights. -Tracy Giordano

 Naples Gun School - 5 stars David and his wife Ginny are wonderful people. I have never handled a gun before and David is a very patient person. He is also very knowledgeable. That you for a great learning experience and you will see me soon!!! - Pamela Stringham

 Naples Gun School - 5 stars It was an extremely informative class that I thoroughly enjoyed. After handling weapons for almost fifty years one can still learn something new. Dave was very helpful at every step of the way. Much appreciated. - Walter Visinski

 Facebook Recommends I attended a class and I enjoyed every bit of it. Very knowledgeable people. I enjoyed going to the range and asking questions and receiving the correct information. Would highly recommend -Astinee Mclean

 Naples Gun School - 5 stars Spoke with David on the phone several times confirming that the gun I wanted was in stock. It was the best price I’d seen anywhere. When I finally made it in to the shop, David was again super friendly and helpful. He even educated me on the aftermarket sights that would best suit my needs. Next time I’m in the market for equipment and related supplies, you know where I’m going. - Robbie Lauderdale

 Naples Gun School - 5 stars Excellent Class with a tremendous instructor! - Michael Flanagan

 Naples Gun School - 5 stars - Drew Johns

 Naples Gun School - 5 stars - Jonathan J. Jones Jr.

 Naples Gun School - 5 stars David is a phenomenal instructor/teacher! He’s passionate & loves what he does. I really appreciate his time & attention to details in regards to the conceal carry class.    When he is at the range with you, he makes sure you feel confident & understand everything you should be doing.   He & his wife are a great team.
Next stop I make to The Naples Gun Shop is going to be to add to my weapon collection & for accessories! Thank you again guys!  I will recommend you to anyone looking for anything related to your business! -
Mary Ann