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Florida Action Report! 6 Wins for Gun Owners on Wednesday 4/5-7/2017


April 6, 2017


USF & NRA Members and Friends


Marion P. Hammer


USF Executive Director


NRA Past President


On Tuesday 4/4/2017:
Five bills of great importance to Second Amendment supporters and gun owners were on the Special Order Calendar on the House floor for the purpose of answering questions and offering amendments. All five bills went through the process with no adverse amendments and were placed on the Calendar for a final vote for passage on Wednesday 4/5/2017.  All five subsequently passed the House on Wednesday.
Wednesday 4/5/2017:
HB-849 Concealed Firearms on Church Property
  by Rep. Neil Combee -- Restores private property rights to churches, synagogues, and other religious institutions so they may allow firearms on church property if they choose. The state has wrongfully included church property in the definition of "school property" if a church has a day care or preschool program or any type of school on church property. This bill fixes that. HB-849 PASSED the House 76-35 and now goes to the Senate.
HB-779 Protection for Concealed Firearms License Holders
  by Rep. Neil Combee This bill decriminalizes the temporary exposure of a firearm by concealed firearms license holders and  protects them from being arrested and charged with a crime for the temporary and open exposure of a firearm.  HB-779 PASSED the House 80-34 and now goes to the Senate
HB-245 Burden of Proof by Rep. Bobby Payne & Rep. Jason Fischer was laid on the table and SB-128 Burden of Proof by Sen. Rob Bradley was substituted for HB-245.
SB-128 Burden of Proof
  by Sen. Rob Bradley (and Rep. Bobby Payne)  Restores the presumption of innocence in self-defense cases by putting the burden of proof BACK ON THE STATE where it belongs. The bill was amended by the House to lower the stand of evidence in the immunity hearing from "beyond all reasonable doubt" to "clear and convincing."  SB-128 then PASSED the House 74-39 and was sent back to the Senate.
HB-965 Sales Tax on CW Fingerprint Service  by Rep. Byron Donaldson
Prohibits the Florida Department of Revenue from imposing sales tax or use tax on the fingerprint services required for concealed weapons & firearms license applicants.  HB-965 PASSED the House 106-8 and now goes to the Senate.
HB-467 CW License Fees/Dept. of Agriculture
  by Rep. Jake Raburn
This is an agency bill for the Department of Agriculture and it includes language to reduce the license fees for concealed weapons and firearms licenses from $60 to $55 for the initial 7-year license and from $50 to $45 for a 7-year renewal license.  HB-467 PASSED the House 117-0 and now goes to the Senate.
In Committee Action Wednesday 4-5-2017:
HB-1231 Agricultural Practices by Rep. Jake Raburn is a bill dealing several agricultural issues.  Section 4 of the bill is language inserted (at the request of Rep. Tom Goodson) for big land owners to reduce the trespass posting requirement of private land.  Trespass with a firearm is a 3rd degree felony and notification is critical to hunters and people who are licensed to carry. When informed of the problem, without hesitation, Rep. Raburn immediately agreed to remove the language from the bill.  That language was amended out of the bill in the House Ways & Means Committee
The reason this is such a critical issue is that Florida is the only state in the entire county that makes trespass with a firearm in the outdoors a felony.  Further, the unauthorized entry onto posted land is prima facie evidence of intent to commit the act of trespass.
That means a hunter, hiker, bird watcher, fisherman, camper or someone just walking in the woods can go to jail for 5 years and lose their voting rights, their civil rights and their right to ever own a gun again, just for unintentionally wandering onto someone else's property while carrying a firearm for hunting or self-defense.  Adequate posting of private land is essential to law-abiding people who enjoy the outdoors with their friends and families.
It was another incredibly busy week and thanks to your email to legislators, another hugely successful week. Next week already promises to be very busy and your help will be important.

NRA-ILA: Institute for Legislative Action








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Naples Gun School - 5 stars  I've been a repeat customer for FFL transfers with Naples Gun School for quite some time. Dave's customer service and knowledge are second to none. After speaking with Dave for a few moments, you start to feel as if you have known him for quite a while. I look forward to continuing my business when the new location opens. - Robert Boyette

I really enjoyed the class yesterday, and it was very nice to meet David and Ginny. David is very knowledgeable, helpful, and best of all: has a sense of humor. I was more nervous than I thought I would be because this was the first time in my life that I've ever shot a semi-automatic weapon. David lives and breathes this stuff and his presence and ease with weapons was very calming for me when I was at the range. Ginny was also very supportive throughout the whole class. Thank you guys so much! It's a pleasure and I will be back to purchase supplies from you! - Shenandoah Webb

Naples Gun School - 5 starsTook the 3/31/18 class and loved it! Dave was very informative and his laid back teaching style made the 4 hour class fly by. Would recommend this class to anyone interested in a CWP. Thanks Dave and Ginny! - Kelly Gardner

Naples Gun School - 5 stars I’d like to thank The Naples Gun School for the time and effort they took in order to help me become a more responsible hand gun owner. By taking your CCWP class on 3.31.2018, I’m honestly a better person today than I was yesterday. Your course is not only interesting, but informative as well. The time we had together flew by. Throughout the whole process, they were calm and patient with every student. Especially after everyone seemed to drop their cartridges on the floor during the revolver training portion of the program. I highly recommend Naples Gun School to anyone that’s interested in becoming a CCWP holder. And I definitely will use their services by purchasing all my gun needs through their establishment. David & Ginny, thank you so much. I had a wonderful time!Chris Shaffer


Naples Gun School - 5 stars This class kept me very interested, informed and didn’t even realize 4 hours went by! Would recommend everyone to take this class! - Douglas Shaffer


Naples Gun School - 5 stars - Lurybella Lora Trejo


Naples Gun School - 5 stars Used Naples Gun School for a FFL transfer and after talking with David decided to take his CCW class and am glad I did. David is very knowledgeable and his class is small so you receive one on one training in the classroom and the range. I Highly recommend Naples Gun School. You won’t find a better class in Naples. Thank you David for a great experience. - Michael Ferrarelli


Naples Gun School - 5 stars Thorough, energetic, knowledgeable, PATIENT, and even entertaining at times! As an Educator, I know it can be daunting sometimes to teach the same material over and over, but David certainly didn't show it. You can tell how passionate he is about what he does.
I researched multiple options around town in choosing the provider for my CCW class. David & Ginny as a husband & wife team, provided the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE in answering all of my questions thoroughly and promptly before even signing up. And somehow, Naples Gun School was also able to provide the LOWEST COST in town!
As a female and brand new to guns, David & Ginny made me feel safe, secure, and comfortable. THANK YOU! A+++ -
Jessica Payne


I took the class on 3/10/18 and I was blown away. David and his wife are excellent people and David is an excellent instructor. The class is excellent and exceeded my expectations with information on the laws of Florida, and as well to carry properly, load the weapons as well as placement of holding weapons. If your looking to buy a weapon he is the man to go to. I personally bought my firearm from and he equipped me with great knowledge during my time there. I give this class 100 out of 100 and highly recommended. David is a great guy and instructor with many years of experience!! - Cory Duffy


Naples Gun School - 5 stars - Larry Papola


Naples Gun School - 5 stars Awesome class. Great preparation for firearm handling and concealed carry details. - Jeffrey Alty


Naples Gun School - 5 stars Very informative. Was made to feel very comfortable. Had some prior gun knowledge, left with a lot more. I highly recommend anyone thinking about getting their permit go there. - Sara Bunker


Naples Gun School - 5 stars I attended the conceal carry and gun safety training class on Feb 17th, 2018. David was very knowlegable and provided a lot of information that I think should be part of any gun safety or conceal carry training. He was very professional and took the time after the class and before we met at the gun range to answer several questions I had as well as show me a few different gun options they sell. I highly recommend David and Naples gun shop & school for anyone wanting to seriously learn what they need to before purchasing or using a firearm. Thank you, David! - Amanda Daves


Thanks again! Not only was is very informative, but fun as well. So glad we came to y'all for the class. - Sara Bunker


I had a great experience and your class was very informative. Thank you - Robby Bunker


Naples Gun School - 5 stars Great experience, willing to give one on one instruction and very patient for beginners! - Tiffany Baker


Had a great experience at the CCW class. Dave explained the information throughly and made it very easy to understand. I would definitely recommend the class to anyone interested.. -Scott Sioma


Naples Gun School - 5 starsGreat class!!! David really takes his time to show you how to feel Comfortable with the fire arm. - Alonzo Gonzalez


Enjoyed the class very much! It was well taught and all the information was presented professionally and was easy to understand. I was nervous at first but our instructor put our minds at ease. Would definitely recommend! - Tony Aceto


Naples Gun School - 5 starsEnjoyed the class, everything well explained. The David(instructor )explain in a way everybody understand and in a dynamic way. I will recommend it without a doubt. Thanks guys! - Joel Davila


I had an amazing experience in the CCW class that David teaches! This class was so informative and interesting. The way David presented everything made it extremely fun and easy to retain. The size of the class was 12 people, so we all got one on one training and I feel it was the perfect size of class. I learned so many important things that I never would have even thought about without this class. Ginny was also so wonderful, and so supportive when I was nervous. I had so many questions that were answered, and the amount of knowledge Ginny and Davis shared with the class was astounding. I feel very confident now about gun safety and self defense and I would highly recommend this class!! David and Ginny know their stuff!! -Senae Hughes

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