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Sheriffs Stand Opposed to Two Gun Control Bills in New Mexico

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The fallout from the 2016 elections can still be felt from coast to coast, the ramifications of which have Sheriffs for the Second Amendment in a showdown with a know-it-all billionaire in one southwestern state.

Documents filed with the Secretary of State’s office show Bloomberg’s gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety spent nearly $220,000 in New Mexico during 2016 while the National Rifle Association spent $10,000, which had a significant outcome at the polls.

“Everytown for Gun Safety and the New Mexico chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America declared victory (in November) in electing a bipartisan background-check majority to the statehouse,” Everytown spokeswoman Radnor Radnor said.

So what is Bloomberg trying to do in New Mexico? Ram through a pair of gun control bills that will do little to curb crime, but put undue fees and restrictions on law-abiding citizens.

Senate Bill 48 and House Bill 50 would prohibit residents from selling firearms from their personal collection to any relatives, long-time friends, business partners, neighbors, or fellow gun club members without government permission. The bills would also restrict firearm transfers—including gifts, loans, exchanges and other temporary changes in possession of a firearm, not just the sale of firearms.  House Bill 50 has been amended and its provisions regarding transfers are now slightly different than Senate Bill 48

In a letter issued by the New Mexico Sheriff’s Association, 32 of the 33 Sheriffs in the state signed a statement which read, in part:

This scheme would not be enforceable without creating a gun registry. We know this because a 2013 U.S. Department of Justice internal memo on gun violence prevention strategies stated that the success of expanded background check laws depends on requiring firearm registration.

As sheriffs, we know that criminals, by definition, ignore the law. This proposed gun control law would not stop them from getting their guns from other criminal associates and theft, as they already do.

All 33 Sheriffs in New Mexico now stand firmly in opposition to both SB 48 and HB 50 and on Friday, members of the New Mexico Sheriff’s Association spent six hours in a hearing at the state capital speaking out against HB50.

“We’re punishing all citizens of New Mexico (with this bill) – honest, good gun owners – for what a small portion of the criminal element is doing. I’ve said before, we need to focus on the criminal element. They do no abide by the laws, no matter what bills we pass or what we try to do. The criminal element is still going to try to get firearms. They are going to steal them, trade them amongst themselves, whatever,” said Cibola County Sheriff Tony Mace.

“I believe this bill, although well-intentioned, is going to have a chilling effect on our Second Amendment,” said Valencia County Undersheriff Mark Shea.

“I stand opposed to this bill. I’ve been a law enforcement officer for the past 36 years and there is nothing in this bill that will help keep guns out of the hands of criminals,” said Valencia County Sheriff Lou Burkhard.

State Rep. Zachary J. Cook stated Bloomberg and his gun control groups have seven lobbyists pushing for tougher gun laws in New Mexico this year. He notes that Bloomberg has spent more than $100,000 in NM so far, pushing his bills, and has committed to spending $50 million on his gun control agenda nationwide.

“It bothers me that someone from New York is spending that kind of money to make his vision a reality in my state. He has spent $50 million of his own money,” Cook said.

The Sheriff’s Association is committed to opposing both House Bill 50 and Senate Bill 48, but they need your support to stop these gun control measures against the residents of New Mexico. Call your legislators TODAY and tell them you stand with New Mexico’s Sheriffs in opposing these gun control measures!

Source: https://bearingarms.com/jenn-j/2017/02/16/sheriffs-stand-opposed-to-two-gun-control-bills-in-new-mexico/?utm_source=badaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl

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Naples Gun School - 5 stars I am an attorney from New York and currently residing in Florida. I have no experience with guns and never thought of owning one. Nevertheless, I wanted to understand gun culture and gun issues in Florida especially now that I am a permanent Florida resident. David Rich's class was extremely informative and David clearly demonstrated not only his knowledge of guns and gun safety but more importantly for me, he provided the legal framework and ramifications and responsibilities of gun use and ownership. Overall, the class was thoroughly worthwhile and enjoyable. Dean Fong

  Nahun YCaridad Flores recommends Naples Gun Shop & School. I attended class last Saturday. It was a wonderful experience. I definitely recommend.

Naples Gun School - 5 stars Great class. Made the class interesting. Instructor was extremely helpful and made my wife and I very comfortable. Antonio Santos

Naples Gun School - 5 stars Love this place. Dave treated me like a V.I.P. He's a cool guy. He takes time teaching you throughout the course. This is the place to buy firearms, supplies and for class. A++++ Anthony Rojas

Naples Gun School - 5 stars Great class!! There was a lot more hands on instruction than the class that I had in Tennessee. David was knowledgeable and entertaining. Good insights on Florida law. My wife will be taking the class shortly. Thanks David. Kevin 9/15/2018

  I thoroughly enjoyed the concealed weapons class on 8/11/18. The class went beyond my expectations. Dave you are an awesome instructor and made the class fun. I would highly recommend Naples Gun Shopping and School! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! - Teresa Cannon

David is an excellent instructor. The class is excellent and exceeded my expectations with information on the laws of Florida, and as well to carry properly, load the weapons as well as placement of holding weapons. If your looking to buy a weapon he is the man to go to. I personally bought my firearm from. - Carlos Casiano

Naples Gun School - 5 stars  Martha Hohenthaner

Naples Gun School - 5 stars  This was a very good class. I did not have to take it, as I am a Veteran, however it is a good idea. I learned a lot about Florida Law I did not know. It will in the long run help keep you out of trouble. David was very patient with my wife when we live fired, because she has arthritis and had a hard time pulling the trigger in double action mode. Good Job David thanks so much..Joseph Hohenthaner

Naples Gun School - 5 stars  The class was engaging and as fast paced as it can be. The instructor was knowledgeable and worked well with a class spanning all the levels of experience and age you can imagine. I also felt it was fairly priced, especially as you just had to bring yourself and an ID - all other supplies were, er, supplied.Cliff Elam 

Naples Gun School - 5 stars  Naples Gun Shop & School gets an A+ in my book! David and Ginny were great. I took the CWP class today 7/21/18. Both are extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to. David is one of the best instructors that I have had the pleasure of meeting. I highly recommend Naples Gun Shop & School. Best prices, Great training, and easy to deal with. I will definitely be returning to do further business. Thank you David & Ginny....see you soon!Nicholas Lupo

Naples Gun School - 5 stars  I've been a repeat customer for FFL transfers with Naples Gun School for quite some time. Dave's customer service and knowledge are second to none. After speaking with Dave for a few moments, you start to feel as if you have known him for quite a while. I look forward to continuing my business when the new location opens. - Robert Boyette

I really enjoyed the class yesterday, and it was very nice to meet David and Ginny. David is very knowledgeable, helpful, and best of all: has a sense of humor. I was more nervous than I thought I would be because this was the first time in my life that I've ever shot a semi-automatic weapon. David lives and breathes this stuff and his presence and ease with weapons was very calming for me when I was at the range. Ginny was also very supportive throughout the whole class. Thank you guys so much! It's a pleasure and I will be back to purchase supplies from you! - Shenandoah Webb

Naples Gun School - 5 starsTook the 3/31/18 class and loved it! Dave was very informative and his laid back teaching style made the 4 hour class fly by. Would recommend this class to anyone interested in a CWP. Thanks Dave and Ginny! - Kelly Gardner

Naples Gun School - 5 stars I’d like to thank The Naples Gun School for the time and effort they took in order to help me become a more responsible hand gun owner. By taking your CCWP class on 3.31.2018, I’m honestly a better person today than I was yesterday. Your course is not only interesting, but informative as well. The time we had together flew by. Throughout the whole process, they were calm and patient with every student. Especially after everyone seemed to drop their cartridges on the floor during the revolver training portion of the program. I highly recommend Naples Gun School to anyone that’s interested in becoming a CCWP holder. And I definitely will use their services by purchasing all my gun needs through their establishment. David & Ginny, thank you so much. I had a wonderful time!Chris Shaffer

Naples Gun School - 5 stars This class kept me very interested, informed and didn’t even realize 4 hours went by! Would recommend everyone to take this class! - Douglas Shaffer

Naples Gun School - 5 stars - Lurybella Lora Trejo


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