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Cop in Ohio Praises Armed Citizen for Carrying a Gun During Traffic Stop

February 2 2015 by Dan Cannon

With all of the negative stories about police officers in the news it’s easy to forget that there are plenty of good, upstanding officers out there.

Case in point, a man in Ohio was pulled over for a traffic violation. The man recorded the encounter with a camera from his passenger seat.

Rather than the cop giving the man a hard time, he actually praised him for obtaining his carry permit and carrying a firearm.

Here is the description that was posted to Youtube along with the video:

Jackson township ,canton Ohio ..I was speeding 15 over the limit. I advised Him I was carrying and he was nice enough to give me a warning and then compliment me for carrying ..nice cop!

The officer cites an increase in violent crime calls as the primary reasons that he supports concealed carry.

Well done officer!




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