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EXCLUSIVE: Austin gun store owner prevents potential shooting

Posted: Nov 07, 2014 9:23 PM EST Updated: Nov 07, 2014 11:10 PM EST

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Michael Cargill and his employees at Central Texas Gun Works have somewhat of a secret language among them.

That way when something is going wrong, they can signal each other for help.

"There are certain things that we say, certain things that they do so I know...certain ways that they stand so that I know something is going on," Cargill said.

So when a customer walked into the store Thursday afternoon, it wasn't long before Cargill's clerk had to send him one of those signals. Surveillance footage was given to FOX 7 by Central Texas Gun Works.

"I know I look terrible. I just had the worst night of my life. (Inaudible) out of the hospital and all this terrible stuff happened. Awful. I don't want to ever think about what happened last night. I'm not walking in this f***** town another minute without a gun on me," the man says in the surveillance video.

Cargill says the man asked for 500 rounds of Full Metal Jacket, 500 rounds of Ball, 500 rounds of Hollow Point and he wanted to purchase a Sig.

Cargill says he kept an eye on him through the surveillance cameras and eventually came out to meet the man and give him paperwork for a background check.

"Before he fills out the paperwork, he tells me 'You know what...I want a gun. I want this Sig. I want to make sure you guys have the ammunition for it. And I'm gonna go over there to that hospital and I'm going to shoot everyone in that hospital," Cargill said.

That's when Cargill presses the silent alarm.

"I'm gonna be back here in about an hour. I need 500 rounds of ball, 500 rounds of wadcutter, 500 rounds of the ones that explode. I'm gonna need some training rounds...(inaudible) you can shoot people with those and they're fine," the man said.

Cargill says he deliberately tried to keep the man there until police arrived.

According to Cargill, the man claimed he worked for the FBI.

Austin police officers eventually peek into the front door and Cargill signals them to come in...pointing to the man.

Officers detain him.

"That's when I found out that he actually was at the hospital earlier that day. He had a hospital band on and they'd released him from the hospital because they didn't have enough beds in the psych ward," he said.

Cargill says during the incident, the safety of his employees and his customers was on his mind.

"It's important that we got the police here and got him some help. Because he needed some help. Inside he was asking for help. We wanted to make sure he got that help and he wasn't able to hurt someone. So I'm thinking 'Man we may have stopped something yesterday,' Cargill said.

Due to HIPAA laws, there's not much information that can be released to the public in this case.

Austin Police say they considered the man a danger to himself or others so they detained him and got him to a hospital for evaluation.

As for Michael Cargill, he says the ATF are investigating the incident. They even confiscated the gun the man intended on buying.

Source: http://www.myfoxaustin.com/story/27330997/exclusive-austin-gun-store-owner-prevents-potential-shooting

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