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Vice principal files a claim against city and police over gun arrest

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - A Tevis Junior High School administrator who was arrested and subsequently released last month after bringing a gun to school has filed a claim against the city of Bakersfield and its police department, according to his attorney Daniel Rodriguez.

Kent Williams, 51, vice principal at the school since 2010, said he was falsely arrested by BPD officers for bringing the handgun to school, because he has a valid concealed-weapons permit and showed it to them before the arrest was made.

"Me, being a law abiding citizen, that was the first time I had ever been exposed to handcuffs," Williams said. "I was frightened and scared out of my mind."

Rodriguez said his client brought the gun to school for safety reasons.

He said several laws were violated by the arrest on behalf of the department, which later released Williams from custody.

Police said it was initially believed that Williams may have violated the California Gun Free Zone Act but said the vice principal likely did not break any laws because of his valid concealed-carry firearms permit, which was issued by Kern County.

The case was forwarded to the district attorney's office, which said it will not prosecute Williams,

Rodriguez said Williams was arrested without probable cause.

"It was an illegal arrest. They say, 'Hey, we get a free pass, because we made a mistake. We were ignorant of the law,'" he said. "Ignorance of the law is not a defense. The same goes for the police."

A BPD spokesperson told Eyewitness News the department does not comment on any pending litigation.

Williams' has been put on paid administrative leave Panama-Buena Vista Union School District, which is conducting an internal investigation to determine whether the vice principal may have violated a district policy in bringing the gun to school.

A district official would not comment on the claim, which is the first step to filing a lawsuit against BPD, only saying Williams remains on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of its investigation.

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and: http://media.turnto23.com/photo/2014/09/08/16x9/Vice_principal_of_Tevis_Jr__High_filing__1996900000_7862997_ver1.0_640_480.jpg

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