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Florida Alert: FULL HOUSE to Hear Pro-Gun Bills on Tuesday -- ACT NOW


January 31, 2016


USF & NRA Members and Friends


Marion P. Hammer


USF Executive Director


NRA Past President


House Speaker Steve Crisafulli,a true Second Amendment supporter, has put 4 bills that are important to the protection of Second Amendment rights and the rights law-abiding gun owners, on Special Order Calendar for Tuesday, Feb 2, 2016,so the full House can review and take action on these bills.


The bills are:

(1) HB-163 Open Carry/CW License Holdersby Rep. Matt Gaetz (the Senate companion, SB-300 by Sen. Don Gaetz, is currently awaiting a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee)  

HB-163 is a bill to allow persons with a Concealed Weapons & Firearms License to carry firearms concealed or openly which will prevent CW license holders from being charged with the crime of violating the "Open Carry" law because a concealed firearm, being legally carried, accidentally or inadvertently becomes visible to the sight of another person.

(2) HB-4001 Campus Carry/CW License Holdersby Rep. Greg Steube (R) & Rep. Michelle Rehwinkel-Vasilinda (D) (the Senate companion, SB-68 by Sen. Greg Evers (R) is currently awaiting a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee)  

This bill will remove the ban on law-abiding gun owners, who are 21 years of age or older and who have a License to Carry Concealed, from carrying concealed weapons firearms on college and university campuses for protection.  It will only allow license holders to carry on campus.

(3) HB-135 Mandatory Minimum Sentences  by Rep. Neil Combee (the Senate companion, SB-228 by Sen. Aaron Bean has already passed the full Senate)

This bill removes aggravated assault from the 10-20-Life Mandatory Minimum Sentences.  Some State Attorneys and their prosecutors have been wrongfully using 10-20-Life to prosecute people who were exercising self-defense.  This bill stops prosecutors from trying to put people in prison for 10 years if they show a gun to scare off an attacker or 20 years for firing a warning shot to stop attackers.

(4)  HB-41 Unlawful Discharge of Firearmsby Rep. Neil Combee (the Senate companion, SB-130 by Sen. Garrett Richter has already passed the full Senate)

This bill protects property owners who live on large parcels of acreage with no nearby neighbors who can't target practice on their own property because their property is in an area zoned exclusively for residential use. It clarifies existing law on unlawful discharge in residential neighborhoods by defining it as those neighborhoods with a residential density of one or more dwellings per acre.

Further, the bill exempts property in those residential neighborhoods where recreational discharge poses "no foreseeable danger or risk to life, safety, or property" – Example: property that backs up to the ocean or a large body of water, forest or other large uninhabited parcel where there is no foreseeable risk.  It also exempts "accidental discharge" and discharge when "lawfully defending life or property."


In the subject line put:  PLEASE SUPPORT Pro-gun Bills HB-163, HB-4001, HB-135 & HB-41

(Block and Copy All email addresses into the "Send To" box)



    It is imperative that you begin emailing these House members right away.

NRA-ILA: Institute for Legislative Action







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