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Mom shot daughter's ex-boyfriend after he broke into home, police say


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A mother shot and wounded her daughter’s ex-boyfriend when he broke into their home near Crystal Lake, authorities said Wednesday.

The incident early Tuesday morning was triggered by a dispute between Brandon Mendez, 19, of Crystal Lake, and his teenage ex-girlfriend, who lives at the home along Oakwood Lane outside of Crystal Lake, McHenry County Assistant State’s Attorney Michael Combs said.

Mendez, accompanied by an 18-year-old homeless man, Nicholas Porcayo, demanded to speak to the girl, but her teenage brother locked a door to the home, and the two threatened to harm him if he didn’t let them in, Combs and police said.

The men kicked in the locked door, and the mother, armed with a .25-caliber handgun, demanded that they leave, Combs said. When they refused after repeated orders, police said, the mother shot Mendez in the abdomen as he came toward her.

Sheriff’s police responded to a 911 call at 6:43 a.m., and Mendez was taken to an area hospital, where Combs said he was expected to recover and be released soon.

Both men were charged with intimidation and trespass to residence when a person is present, both felonies. The men were not armed, police said.

“Absolutely, if you feel threatened, you have a right to defend yourself in your home,” Combs said.

Porcayo was held on $7,500 bond and is scheduled for a Friday court hearing, according to McHenry County Jail records.

Based on preliminary findings, Undersheriff Andrew Zinke said the woman apparently did not have a firearm owner’s ID card for the weapon, a recent gift, but had applied for one.

“At this point I don’t see any criminal charges against her,” Zinke said. “She had done the right thing. She called police. She was protecting her children. She did what she had to do to protect herself.

“She’s a very courageous woman,” Zinke added. “Not many people would take those steps.”


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